Starting Off New: An Introduction

Starting Off New: An Introduction

First of all, I promised myself that I wasn’t going to be YET ANOTHER website that goes on incessantly about the coronavirus. I didn’t even want to mention it here, but I’ve done that in my first sentence (off to a flying start).

The reality is, there isn’t a person on the planet who hasn’t been affected by this in some form or another and it needs to be mentioned to put everything into context. I was affected in more of an inconvenienced way at the start. Months into the pandemic I still had my job, and things felt safe. Sadly, as restrictions were slowly being lifted, the tides turned and I was made redundant. The industry I was working in has taken a massive economic beating. Previously thriving during the harsh warmth of summer and our traditional festival season, it’s currently in hibernation.

Since I’ve been off work I’ve been trying to keep busy creatively, and thus the idea to create this little space on the internet. If anyone knows me personally, they’ll know I’m a arty crafty kind of person and I like to be constantly making or doing something. It’s the core of my personality to have a tangible achievement at the end of the day. I can make things for others and by request, which will be added here eventually, but I mostly just wanted a place to document and share my creations.

I seem to skip through different hobby focuses, and not one shoe fits (so to speak) which is why starting up anything dedicated will be a detriment. So, while keeping it general so I can take the paths of interest within the hobby paths I enjoy, this is my little crafty home on the internet. 🙂

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